Death of a Dingo
Death of a Dingo death stories

samuel_giddy Levity is the soul of grit. Sydney, AUS
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A wild dog gives up the ghost in an Australian desert, while equally wild hopes perish in more urban settings.

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Death of a Dingo

A dingo died on a distant plain, in the blazing afternoon sun;

He ran like the wind through heat and rain, as far as dingoes run,

And he paused at last on the baking ground, to rest on a bed of stones,

And the scornful magpies flocked around to clean his aching bones.

Our dreams will up and die one day, for all our youthful talk;

They’ll rot beside the highway where a thousand strangers walk,

And all our aspirations for this dearly-won acclaim

Shall lie like dingoes, dead upon a dreary, distant plain.

So let us not love empty things – not strength, nor wit, nor charm –

Nor trust this trash to save us from that bleak infernal harm:

Who chases dreams will lose them on the blasted, scorching sand;

But lowliness and faith shall find at last their promised land.

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