Days off Part 1
Days off

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Argent and Rwh start up their fantastic shenanigans with this dramatic beginning to their story.

Days off Part 1

Wow, this was dumb. So very dumb. What were you thinking what were you THINKING Argent?

Was this... Was this fair? It certainly didn't feel fair. Not on himself. Why had he let Rwh rope him into this? Why in creation did he ever listen to anything she told him to do???

Was it too late to turn back?

Of course it was.

"I swear I'll get you back for this Rwh," he said, the words slipping past his lips in a mumble that he was almost 100% sure nobody heard. Oh god, why was he doing this?

He was going to say no. He wasn't good enough. He couldn't do this. Who did he think he was? Why did he even think he would measure up to even HALF of the girls just throwing themselves at his feet?

He was clinging to false hope. In a minute or two, he was going to ask a single question and his entire life would crumble down in front of him.

He'd be humiliated.

There was so much on the line. So much more than his dignity. His classmates. His friends. His family...

His hands were shaking. He could feel them. They were sweaty too. He wiped them on his shirt and took a massive breath in.

"Easy Argent." He whispered to himself. "I'm ok. You're ok."

With another deep breath, he took a step forward, feeling himself become more and more unsteady the closer he got. Finally, he was visible. His dirty blond hair, his green eyes.

This was it. This was the end of his life.

"Hi." He said. "It's Tristan, isn't it?"

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