Days Off Part 9
Days Off

Part 9 romance stories

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Player 5: asshole mcfuckface I MEAN Eli Richardson.

Days Off Part 9

"Drama queen." Argent nearly spilled his tea when Rwh slammed a hand against his back. "Rwh, this is serious business."

"Not really-" "Rwh, Tristan is coming over to my house!" "So am I?" "Yes but you've been to my house before, Tristan hasn't so much as set FOOT in there and now he's sleeping over?"

"You need to calm down." Argent inhaled dramatically. "I will not."

"What are you guys talking about?" "TRISTAN HI THERE." This time, Argent most definitely did spill some tea as he whirled around to face Tristan, who was presently standing there looking adorably confused.

"Goddamn you and your french charm," Argent thought. "Huh?" "WE WERE TALKING ABOUT TONIGHT." Apparently, he'd been thinking out loud. He could practically feel Rwh facepalming behind him.

"Oh," Tristan said. "D'you want me to bring some soda or popcorn or something." "Someone say popcorn?" Rwh nearly toppled Argent trying to get past him to face Tristan directly. "So, that's a yes," he said smiling. "Cool."

"Uhm, so we have Geometry right now, right?" That's what Argent was about to say before, finally, he dropped his cup, spilling tea everywhere. He turned aggressively to the guy who'd pushed him just a bit too hard.

"What the heck dude! Watch where you're going-" He would have kept going had the guy not turn around... Good lord...

This guy was built like a tank. At least 6'10, and the tank top he was wearing let long-ass arms on him tense up very... very visibly. "Ah. Right. My mistake."

He stared at Argent for a moment before turning around and walking off. Argent let out a breath he hadn't realized he was holding in. "Dude," "Who the heck was that?" Tristan said, turning around to watch the guy stalk off down the hall."

"I don't know but he looks alarmingly familiar," Rwh said, eyes narrowed as she, too, watched him. Something seemed to come to her and she suddenly looked very nervous. "Oh no."

"Oh no what." Argent held the arm that the guy had slammed into when he pushed him. He had barely grazed him and he was already getting a bruise. Either the guy was strong or Argent was weak. "That's..."

"That's Eli Richardson." "Who now?" Tristan deadpanned. "Remember that friend that my brother was helping out with moving or whatever?" "Don't tell me..."

"That's the guy." Rwh's arms crossed and a worried look settled on her face and Argent, frankly, couldn't agree more. This was a terribly bad situation. Because now half of the people who wanted to make Rwh's (and by default, his and Tristan's) life miserable now went to their highschool.

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