Days Off Part 6
Days Off

Part 6 blooming romance stories

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Days Off Part 6

"What do you mean 'your brother's coming over'??"

"I mean exactly what it sounds like, Argent." Rwh's voice was short, as if she was angry about something. "You're not still upset about Wednesday are you?" It was Friday! He'd expected her to let it go by now.

She said nothing but crossed her arms and turned away, her chin held high. "Come on Rwh, you can't be serious!" "I'm completely serious."

Argent heaved a sigh. "Your brother hates me. You know how much he hates me." "That's none of my business." "Oh my GOD."

He threw his hands up, exasperated. This was a bit unexpected. He gave his friend a side glance, which she either didn't see or actively ignored. His gaze softened. Rwh didn't quite like her brother either.

He sighed again, more softly this time. "I'm sorry, okay? This isn't about me. I shouldn't have ditched you like that." He placed a tentative hand on her arm in a sad attempt at comfort. "I won't do it again, promise."

She tilted her head towards him from behind her hair, as though she were peeking around a pillar. Her crossed arms suddenly went up in unison with her head falling, so that her head was in her arms. She breathed into her sleeve.

"I just..." She mumbled. "Really don't want my brother to come over." Argent gave her a sorry look that she didn't see.

His hand was still on her arm. He thought of ways to lift her up. "So what's he doing here anyway? I thought he was struggling with 'college freshman' problems." He drew quotes in the air with his fingers.

Rwh chuckled lightly and Argent felt proud of himself. "He is, but one of his friends is a junior in high school, and he's applying here." She finally lifted her head and gestured for Argent to walk with her. "Are you walking home today?"

"Yep." They stepped onto the sidewalk, past the kids in a mob that was waiting for the bus. "Anyway," she continued. "His friend's moving to the neighborhood. He's helping him out."

"Ugh. That means you're dealing with two jackasses instead of one." She laughed again. Argent suddenly felt privileged to have that power.

"Yeah, you know maybe it's just bad luck." "I think so." A new voice called over from the lockers to the right of the exit door. "Hey, guys!" It was Tristan.

"What's new?" They opened the doors and walked out onto the lot, almost devoid of cars as always save for the teachers'. There was one, though, that wasn't familiar. "Oh god." He heard Rwh mumble under her breath.

Someone, a guy, suddenly flung the door open and stepped out. He looked familiar, although Argent was sure he'd never seen him before. His dark skin, his chestnut eyes - which became visible as he approached - all reminded him of someone...

He stopped right in front of them, but he was looking directly at Rwh. Oh.

"Hey there, little brother."

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