Days Off Part 5
Days Off

Part 5 music stories
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Argent and Tristan play at the senior home and both discover something about each other. Shenanigans continue!
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Days Off Part 5

Wednesday. The new best day of the week, if he was honest.

Was it just him or did he feel like he didn't really mind everyone staring at him? Even with the jocks whose favorite pastimes were to push him against lockers were staring him down - perhaps because he'd made an effort to look nice today - and he didn't quite care that much.

"Where's the fire?" called a familiar voice behind him, catching him just as he flew by after the bell that signaled that the day was over. "Hi, Rwh. Can't talk. Got a thing. Talk later, bye!"

His pace slowed as he ran on. He felt sort of bad for just leaving her there. She was his best friend. Didn't she have a right to know? ...

He'd explain later. She'd understand.

The fresh air seemed to pass through his lungs and clear away something he didn't even know was there. The walk to the home was oddly liberating in a way that Argent had no idea he needed.

And yet when he arrived and Tristan was on the small slab of the floor that rose up as a stage, behind a set of drums decorated in colorful colors, the familiar clenching feeling returned to his chest. And again, he couldn't be bothered to care.

"Starting to think you wouldn't show up," Tristan said, by way of greeting, with a smile. "Hi." Argent set his messenger bag down just to the side of the stage and began climbing the steps."I didn't know you played the drums."

He didn't bother question or complain internally about the fact that he was suddenly able to make conversation without awkward silences in between.

"Yeah, but it doesn't make for much of a solo instrument." He looked a bit crestfallen, but soon enough his bright smile returned. "But I spend way too much time practicing to stop it. Besides." He bashed the symbol, causing Argent to trip on the last step. "It's fun." He was laughing.

Argent tried hard not to like it was the most beautiful sound he'd ever heard. He laughed with him, righting himself.

When he pulled his guitar off his back though, Tristan made a noise between a cough and a sneeze, somehow like he hadn't seen it there before. "I didn't know you played guitar."

Argent turned to look at him. They stared at each other for a fraction of a second.

"Goes along really pretty with the drums."

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