Days Off Part 4
Days Off

Part 4 blooming friendship stories

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Thank god Argent is the head of the Community Service department in his student government, or this whole "service credits" thing wouldn't work for him

Days Off Part 4

Saturday In Argent's opinion the very best day of the week. Why? Because there were no social expectations to fill. No need to interact with people he didn't want to interact with. No need to go outside, even leave his room.

Spring break was soon. That meant even longer periods where he could relax and be himself. He could stare at his calendar and contemplate how much time was left until school ended and his relaxing, non-demanding summer job at Starbucks started

For now, though, he threw himself back onto his bed, its frame covered whimsy in fairy lights, framed by a wall covered in polaroid photographs. His phone rested on his bedside drawer, perfectly and blissfully silent...


"You've got to be joking," he grumbled, reaching for his phone, still in his pajamas. "Mom, how many times do I need to tell you to remember the bloody shopping list when you-"

It was most definitely not his mother texting.

"Hey, it's Tris," he read aloud. His voice broke when he read out "Tris." "Tris," he repeated, disbelieving. With a shake of his head, he continued. "I hope Rwh gave me the right number. This is Argent right?"

Argent clutched at his chest. Yes. Yes, this was very much the right number. He read it over once more, in between overly dramatic deep breaths. It was most definitely Tristan.

"Yeah," he typed, still breathing. "It's me. What's up?"

"I found this opening to play at a senior home. Thought it would be a good way to get credits. Care to join?" Argent couldn't keep the smile away from his face. Not only did he not mess anything up, but he also didn't mess anything up SO well, that Tristan didn't mind hanging out with him again. Wow.

"Sounds like fun. I'd have to ask Ms. Freid if it'd work for credits, but I'm pretty sure we won't have a problem. When is it?" He couldn't believe it. He was talking to Tristan and not being stupid at the same time.

"This Wednesday at 4 after school. That work?" "Yep. Grace's Senior Home right?" "That's the one." "See you there."

If this is a dream, he thought, please nobody wake me up.

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