Days off Part 3
Days off

Part 3 blooming friendship stories

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Tristan finds a conversation starter while Rwh is still "in the bathroom."

Days off Part 3

"I'm... good."

This was hell. This was torture. He was going to kill Rwh brutally as soon as they both got out of here. Who the hell thought this was a good idea? Taking a moment to remind himself that it was HE who thought it would be a good idea, he chanced a glance across the table.

Tristan looked just as uncomfortable as he did.

Do something. Anything.

"Um, I'm glad you agreed to help. There are way too many fliers for just me and Rwh." Oh my god, he actually didn't sound like a total dumbass.

"Hey, no problem." Jesus his smile was blinding.

"How about some music?" And he was smart. "God, he's too good for me." "Sorry?" Tristan was halfway through opening his computer screen when Argen realized he'd said those last words out loud.

"I said sounds good." Act natural. You're actually doing the... social... thing. Kind of goodly.

Some seconds passed. Argent tried to see what Tristan was looking at by reading the reflection in his eyes, but the only thing he could tell was that he was on Spotify.

How long was Rwh going to take in the bathroom?

Without warning, Dear No One by Spencer Kane started nearly full volume. "Hey! That's my favorite song!" Argent said before he could stop himself. His hand flew up to cover his mouth to stop him saying anything else stupid.

"Really?" For a second, he braced himself for ridicule. "Mine too."

Argent suddenly didn't even remember that Rwh wasn't there.

With the music as a motivator, the stack of fliers disappeared within almost fifteen minutes. Argent almost tried to slow it down, tried to find ways in his head to make the moment last longer.

The song ended and another started, Just Hold On by Steve Aoki - another one of his favorites. Occasionally, he and Tristan would simultaneously glance across the table at each other. Tristan would grin and Argent would try not to have a meltdown.

This day was rapidly becoming one of the best of his entire high school experience. And that was saying something. The songs rocketed off one by one:

Battle Scars by Paradise Fears You're Not Alone by The Mowgli's Play That Song by Train Geronimo by Sheppard Play That Song by Train

And all as soon as it had started, the music abruptly stopped just as Argent placed the last flier on his pile into the tray to his right. Tristan looked at his computer, looking just as surprised at the pause as Argent.

"Damn it." He sighed. "Battery's dead."

They sat in silence for a second. The fliers were all done. There was no more work to do...

"Help me hang them up?"

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