Days off Part 2
Days off

Part 2 bff stories

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Rwh and Argent's fantastic shenanigans continue as Tristan is thrown into the picture!

Number of parts still undetermined

Days off Part 2

This was good. Sure, Rwh looked extremely aggravated, but this wasn't about Rwh.

He was both extremely proud of himself and mildly terrified at the same time. Sure, sorting concert fliers in the art room with his best friend and the guy he had a massive crush on wasn't ideal...

But hey! He'd take what he could get. At least he'd talked to Tristan, and that was a start. At least for him. Apparently, though, not for Rwh.

"This is so dumb," she grumbled, as they walked up the steps. "What, the fact that we're sorting spring concert fliers with Tristan or the fact that the elevator is out of service?"

"Both!" She turned around to face him and threw her arms up in exasperation. Her dark skin showed through the sleeves of her shirt, which slipped down when her arms went up. She looked tired

He suddenly felt guilty. He may have been happy with his own progress, and it may have been Rwh who suggested this in the first place, but that didn't mean he had the right to drag her along.

And suddenly he felt like himself again. "This is the worst idea I've ever had in my life."

Rwh gave him a sorry look. "Hey, I didn't mean that. This is a good idea." She put a comforting hand on his shoulder as they approached the art room. It didn't help

"It may not have been what I mean when I said to talk to him but..." "It's going to be so awkward." "It'll be fine!"

Before he could start hyperventilating, a glint of blond hair flashed at the corner of his eye and suddenly, Tristan was looking up from his phone and smiling and waving and oh god please strike me down now.

"Hey, Argent!" Surprised he even remembered his name, Argent waved back stiffly. "And you must be Rwh." He said as he approached. Rwh, of course, maintained her perfect self. Argent wondered why he couldn't do that.

They shook hands, had a short conversation, began walking towards the art room, Argent in tow. All the while, every word sounded like a muffled echo to him, even as they sat in increasingly awkward silence, sorting papers.

"Ahem...Thanks for the community service credits, Argent." Tristan attempted. Somehow, this made the silence even worse, as Argent did nothing but nod once, without looking up, and return to sorting fliers.

Rwh coughed. Argent wanted to shoot her a look, but he couldn't move.

"AAAAALLLLRIGHT well," Rwh was getting up from her chair as she exaggerated every syllable of her sentence. Argent screamed internally. "Bathroom break, don't have too much fun without me."

No no no nonononono..... She's gone.

"S-so. What's up?"

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