Days off Part 7
Days off 

Part 7 family issues stories

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Argent discovers just to what extent he can learn to hate Rwh's older brother.

Days off Part 7

Argent was speechless.

Rwh's brother had been at least a foot shorter the last time he'd seen him. He somehow seemed stronger, though his physique hadn't changed; like he could crush your skull against the concrete if you looked at him the wrong way.

Rwh was glaring at him. "You don't have a little brother," she said through gritted teeth. He shot her a nasty grin before standing up to his full height. "Yeah, I do." He placed his finger on her nose. "You."

Argent felt like saying something, but this was not the first time he'd witnessed Rwh and Murue having this conversation. He'd interjected once before and had had Rwh get mad at him.

"It's my brother. My fight." She'd said. Argent had understood her the first time and had stood by patiently through the years as the same words were thrown back and forth between them, though he still felt bad about leaving her to argue on her own.

Tristan though, he realized suddenly, had no such knowledge, and Argent watched - helpless for but a moment - as he made to insert himself into the tense conversation. Luckily, Argent grabbed his arm before Murue noticed.

Tristan gave him a questioning look. One that said, "Why are you just standing there? She's getting attacked." Argent could only reply with an apologetic look and another tug on his arm to indicate that he should stay where he was.

The sudden shift in movement seemed to catch Murue's attention anyway, and his eyes went from Rwh to Tristan and Argent, although Argent could have sworn his eyes rested on Tristan for longer.

"Argent," he said in mock cheerfulness. Argent only glared back. Say nothing, and you won't get into any trouble, he thought, surprised to discover he was addressing Tristan more than himself.

"And who's this?" Murue said curiously, approaching them, leaving Rwh behind. Argent saw Tristan puffing up his chest slightly and putting on a tough face. He could tell that he already didn't like Murue.

He was going to say something, but he refrained himself, and Argent felt a twinge of pride.

"Hey!" came Rwh's voice, calling Murue's attention back to her. "I know you didn't come all this way just to pick on me and my friends, so tell me what you want or get lost!"

There was a finality in her voice that surprised even Argent.

Rwh, who'd barely had the guts to ask for extra credit on her paper from a teacher, standing up to her brother, who had a habit of punching and slapping her.

Murue seemed to be deciding what it was he wanted to say as he glared at her, hate clear as day in the spark of fire in his eyes.

Eventually, when the tension had gotten thick enough to choke a man, his face softened up, and he put his arm around his sister, who glared at him with a look that Argent would have been afraid of, had it been directed at him.

"What?" he said, alarmingly calmly. "An older brother can't want to pick up his younger brother from school?" Rwh's glare intensified. "No." she said, through gritted teeth.

"And for the last goddamn time," she grabbed his wrist with a little bit more force than Argent had expected and threw his arm off his shoulder with equally as much force. "You don't have a younger brother."

With that, she began storming off none too gracefully, Argent and Tristan in tow, and Argent feeling both relieved and worried at the look on Murue's face as the distance between them grew ever larger.

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