Story series of Zyloa Mior
Story series of Zyloa Mior star wars stories

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Part Sixteen: We are here! A Star Wars Story of Zyloa Mior

Story series of Zyloa Mior

Part Sixteen: We are here!

A Star Wars Story of Zyloa Mior

After getting introductions done, uniforms fitted and all the required weapons made functional, it was time to get to work.

As soon as Zyloa was able to get basic training to the men, literally everything she learned in the three month period of her own training, the missions started coming in.

The majority were not really big, mostly one man jobs and Zyloa was able to send the guys out on missions alone,

as to get enough missions done so when a big mission comes that needs more then one person, at least they could easily work together as a team of two or more.

A lot of the mission were mostly of petty criminals causing trouble, so they were easy to handle.

There was enough work to keep the entire Runners Squadron occupied for a full year before the missions slowed some. Making it easy to do any other work that was offered.

Zyloa always did everything to help her men do their best, and the squadron became as close as kin.

Unlike any other squadron in the Empire, the Runners Squadron didn't rely on brute force or fear to gain the people's trust on the planets they do missions on.

Instead, they befriended the natives and gained their trust gradually.

And the Imperials didn't entirely like that, but since Zyloa had Tarkin backing her as well as the Emperor, they literally could do nothing.

And that will one day come in handy for the group in their time of need.

End of Part Sixteen

Part Seventeen: The Fun Starts!

A Star Wars Story of Zyloa Mior

After getting most of the missions given done, the Runners Squadron finally got some much needed free time to relax.

And after much discussion, and a bit of arguing, they finally decided to go to Kashyyyk for a week long vacation.

And since many of the locals know the Runners Squadron and are friends with the group, they didn't mind when the group decided to come over to have fun.

So with Pilot Keif piloting the JunkYard to the landing pad near one of the major settlements, they gather everything they needed.

Clothes, food, a single blaster for each member for protection only, and towels after swimming, they finally leave the ship after landing.

"Hey Captain, will we find were we are staying first?" Paxo asked Zyloa, being the most concern of the group.

Nirh looked at him, laughing, "Would you rather sleep on the floor in the ship! After falling out of the chair you tend to sleep in?

" Gar and Agt, ignored the pair, following Keif and Zyloa to the hut they were staying in for that week.

Zyloa once brought the house a few years prior, after needing to stay out after a group had tried to steal the Junkyard and Shocker while she was asleep.

"Shocker, do a quick scan to make sure that there are no incoming tranmissions or unknown ship." She asked before he gave a confirming beep, and with nothing showing up, the vacation started.

No missions, no fighting, angry officers not wanting a group of outcasts working nearby, just fun in the sun.

End of Part Seventeen

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