Story series of Zyloa Mior
Story series of Zyloa Mior stories

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Part Ten: Tough time to learn! A Star Wars Story of Zyloa Mior

Story series of Zyloa Mior

Part Ten: Tough time to learn!

A Star Wars Story of Zyloa Mior

Having been in the Academy for a week, Zyloa and Shocker have gotten settled in easily into the training. Wake up, eat, learn, eat, combat training, learn, eat, study, and then sleep.

Not a lot of free time to do anything fun between everything.

Even though she was one of two non humans who was attending the Academy, the other being a man named Thrawn, Zyloa was somehow able to be liked by many of the other cadets for her toughness,

kindness and willingness to help when anyone didn't understand something. And many came to her to get something repaired.

Zyloa was able to repair their training weapons and fix ripped clothes, and they didn't mess with her or Shocker.

And Shocker was enjoying their new home, hanging out with other droids and not being coped up in a shop all day.

Only a few of the cadets gave the pair problems, most were dealt with by Casey's who favored the alien girl with the droid.

End of Part ten

Part Eleven: Time to Shine Bright!

A Star Wars Story of Zyloa Mior

After completing the entire training process at the top of the class, Zyloa was ready for the Officers to assign her the duty they felt she could do.

The woman, of course, became the second non-human to be able to complete it at the Academy.

While waiting with the other cadets, Zyloa and Shocker were hanging out with a few other cadets they had befriended over the three month period.

The pair knew that having a few new friends could one day be useful in the future and could use the friends as back up in a fight later.

Plus, Zyloa has already been able to fix many things for them and the officers such as weapons and parts for ships and droids.

As they were talking about any plans for the future, one of the officers who actually liked Zyloa brought a datapad with what she was being assign to. "Hope you do well, kid.

Don't think anyone will be doing as much as you will be doing here soon." he commented to her as she was given the datapad.

Smiling and thanking him, she starts reading the information on the datapad. "Lets see, Cadet Zyloa Mior will be assigned to new squadron.

See Tarkin for more information," she read to herself, smiling and getting up, "Let's see Tarkin then, come on Shocker!" The pair run off to the Grand Moff's office for the extra information.

When she arrived, an officer escorted her inside the office where Tarkin and two others were waiting. The man give a faint smile toward her, "Cadet Mior, welcome. We were expecting you.

I presume you got the datapad about your assignment. I am happy to report that your idea will become realty.

You shall train men and women who will deal with anything that could keep Stormtroopers available for deployment. And you will be the captain for this squadron.

" Zyloa smiled, know that she could now work on her plan even more" Thank you, Governor Tarkin. This is an honor. I accept."

End of Part Eleven

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