The egotistical king
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What goes around comes around.

The egotistical king

by sami salem

Way way back , in a far away land. Lived a king no one can stand.

​Himself he adored , everything he wanted he could afford . He was hated and loathed by the young and the old .

​He was a tyrant and wanted to be a god . He wanted to be praised to be laud .

​So he ordered his subjects to have a parade. The whole kingdom should celebrate , how good he is at being great .

​He desired a statue with the biggest shade . And what he wishes he will get .

​The servants were tired and never ate . They all worked on the sculpture of who they hate .

​He punished who wanted to take a breath by death , So they decide to have the kings head on a plate .

​They pushed them selves to build him a bate . The king was happy they finished not knowing he sealed his fate .

​At last the day of his majesty came . on every sign was written his name .

​It was time to see what the servants made. He stood there speechless and amazed .

​Then a servant whistled to the other, tearing down the ropes of rubber

​And all of a sudden the earth started to shake . The whole statue fell down on the king ,and all of the kingdom heard every bone in his body break.

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