An addict's life
An addict's life poetryslam stories

samimsalem Words of the soul the head and the heart
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It's the life after beginning to recover from addiction and bad decisions and the feelings that you get in the time s

An addict's life

by samimsalem

It's like you've never left addiction . They expect you to be perfection .

The way your friends act around you when they surround you . Makes you feel you've never been sober .

And that it's making you fall over. It's seducing you , you are diving in it

Slowly absorbing it again . This time you're gonna feel the pain .

You're gonna feel the goodness drain . If you don't control yourself you'll open the chain .

That you put on your self to never make it see light again . It's gonna poison your brain .

Don't submit to its power over you . Hold yourself and don't be the disappointment they see you as .

That sensation when you feel like you are laying on grass . Looking at the sky that's full of clouds .

Thinking about life and what if it was . Remembering your past and what mistakes you made .

Like a wise man once said , Don't keep thinking about the past Or you'll hit the future's wall .

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