Overreacting: Relationship Edition
Overreacting: Relationship Edition poem stories

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A poem about relationship problems and emotional manipulation.

Overreacting: Relationship Edition

Give me some time to sort out the chemicals that make a difference

in how much I want to die today, please.

I'm sorry, I'm just tired of being told all the reasons why

you have it so much worse than me.

I'm not trying to start an argument, I'm just frustrated because I spent all afternoon

doing all of your chores. But, that's my fault, I know you're busy

with your part-time job and videogames.

I don't mean to make you feel bad,

I just have a hard time remembering that the earth actually revolves around you instead of

the sun. I wasn't aware that I was signing myself up for a re-teaching of basic


I'm sorry if it seems like I'm walking on eggshells, it's just that I am.

Because everything is my fault.

I've always been the ball and chain that drags the prisoner under the water.

Too heavy to carry around.

Too bulky and awkward to keep moving around your living room

every time you want to hang a new painting.

I know you said my "bullshit causes [you] stress", but you're all I have

since you took me away from everything else.

And, I really need help. I don't feel safe.

No, I'm sorry, nothing is wrong. I'm just a little overwhelmed.

Probably because I'm tired.

I know I should go to bed earlier.

Yes, I promise I'm fine. Sorry for worrying you.

I was just overreacting, again.

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