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Keep Moving Forward

by salyride

There are times in life when we stumble and fall. Everyone makes mistakes every now and then.

There are points in time where we wish more than ever to have the power to hit a reverse button and start all over again ...

To change how things turned out, to make different choices or to do just a bit more than what we have already done.

No matter what happens we can't hit a reverse button. Life is not a movie. There is no reverse button. There is only a play button.

Our experiences, the noteworthy, the not, and the neutral are what make us the people we are today.

Everything that we have done, even the things that we didn’t do, make us the people we are today. Every choice, every moment, every curious turn of events have led us to the place we stand now.

Life can get rough at times, we may even fear the new and unknown. When everything seems to be against you just remember to keep moving forward.

Muscle your way through the hard parts in life, remember your long forgotten curiosity, look for the possibilities. There are many open paths out there.

The events that we have experienced and the people we have met are what have created who we are today.

No matter what happens life continues on and we are left with two choices, either to stay stuck in the past or to move forward into the unknown.

Keep Moving Forward and be the master of your own fate.

Keep Moving Forward and you can make a future for yourself that you can be proud of.

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