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Did you know

by salyride

Did you know how much I looked up to you and admired you? You have always been my role model.

Did you know how much you taught me? About how to be a loyal friend and a caring companion.

Did you know that I still remember the first day that we met? You were the curly, blond boy, who became friends with the sky, skinny girl who had always been a loner.

Did you know that I continued to look back on that day? Even now. That day we had met by accident, out on the shores of a lake no one else knew about.

Did you know what my first words were when I came out after having my wisdom teeth removed? Even with the sharp pain and the cotton in my mouth you were the first person I talked about.

Did you know that I always thought you were the best at everything, no matter what you did? It's no wonder you got the job you did.

Did you know how happy I was when I got to test the speakers, and got to be the first person to hear your speech for our graduation day. I couldn't have been prouder.

Do you know how much I miss you? I miss that friend that was always there for me, even in that worst possible situation that only happened a month ago.

I keep looking for you, hoping to see you again even though I know it is impossible now. You had my back that day and now you are gone because of that.

You protected me when I should have been more aware of what could happen in that situation. I'm sorry, so sorry.

I never got to tell you the words that I wanted to say: the words you wanted to say too. I can't say them now even though I want to.

Please, come back to me ... if it is even possible ... if you are still alive ...

Please, just one more miracle. Can you do it? For me?

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