A True Friend
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A True Friend

by salyride

People always told her that change was good, that change was a necessity of life.

But Tay had always found it as something scary. Sure her biggest change so far has been college life, but even that is a big change.

She started to see the truth that change held during the first year of starting her college life.

She was a runner through and through. That was the one thing that she was able to hold onto in her transition into college.

The Cross Country team that she was on was going to run a road race for fun and she went along with them.

She and one of her teammates decided to run it easy and run it together since it was not technically their running season.

The race started like any other and they kept pace with each other.

It was at the third mile that Tay started to feel pain in her sides.

Her teammate started to drift farther ahead as Tay fell back.

Her head started to spin and something inside of her told her that she wouldn't be able to reach the end.

Up ahead her teammate suddenly noticed the absence of Tay and turned around to see where she went.

She saw that Tay had stopped and was gripping her head. Tay's face had gone pale and she knew that her teammate needed help, but wouldn't want to drop out of a race.

Tay looked up and was surprised to see her teammate running back towards her. She even ran passed a person she had gotten ahead of, the person she has been trying to pass the entire race.

"Liz, keep going. I'll be fine." Tay said, but she knew this wasn't going to pass quickly. Her head had started to feel light and could feel the start of a killer head ache setting on.

"I'm not leaving you. We said we would do this together and that is what we are going to do." Liz said as she jogged beside Tay.

"We'll make it together." Liz said. She kept an eye on Tay knowing that they only had to make it a half mile more till they got to the finish.

Tay ran on with Liz encouraging her from beside her. Her head spun even more as she saw the finish line up ahead.

They crossed in a dead tie. Everyone in the shoot was busy trying to figure out who actually came in first, but Liz wasn't concerned with that in the slightest as she reached out and caught Tay.

Another teammate ran into the shoot as she saw Tay about to tip over. The two of them held Tay up until they were away from the other runners and in the shade of an open tent.

Tay looked at her teammates who had started to become her friends over the course of the year. She never thought one of them would give up their race for her.

That day she learned not to fear change, because change makes you who you are. You can't stay the same forever.

And sometimes it takes change to find the best friends that you can ever have.

Change sets you in different situations and through those you find out who you really are and who your friends truly are.

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