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An actual nigtmare of mine that made me wake up with a scream...


Damn, it's so cold. Atleast Mejse's presence warms up my soul. Shame that I don't know if she is cold or not. She would never tell me that.

I've never been so anxious in my life; why though? Just because she wanted to take a different road? I'm so stupid. Sometimes I feel that she is a lot braver than I am.

Weird anyways, I don't like this, I do not like this. It's just all terrifyingly creepy. The rain is not helping either, or the twitching lights, but still it's the industrial part of town.

Nothing could happen here, despite work related accidents; but that didn't happen here for decades, safety regulations and all that crap.

I want to tell her that I'm freaking out and something bad is going to happen. I just feel it, but she would just laugh at me and call me a princess.

Well time to get my shit together and just move on, her warm hand gives me the strenght to continue and not freak out anymore. "Let's just take a shortcut Harry.

" Yea sure let's go into the creepy fucking hellhole, uh factory.

If I could just shake this terrible feeling off, I feel like somebody is watching us but I cannot see a single living thing around us.

We have been walking in here for the past twenty minutes, guess it isn't much of a shortcut, huh Mejse?

I don't want to bring this up for her, I really don't because I love spending any time with her, and every second feels perfect; but not this time.

I feel anxious, scared and also fucking useless.

"There is going to be a right turn here somewhere, I guess..." Well I'm so happy that you know exactly where we should go.

Well atleast I'm with you and that makes it just an unpleasant memory, instead of a horrible nightmare. I have to make her stop for just a second.

However stupid it sounds I just want a kiss from her to make me feel better. "Come here, my love." I just pulled her close to me and gave her a long kiss. I just love her lips.

"Why?" She asks with confusion and love in her eyes. I tell her the truth. Well... Not really.

I couldn't tell her that I'm scared of dark and the non existent monsters that my brain had planted since we took the shortcut. "Because I love you...

" It was not a lie, however it wasn't the truth either. By this "lie" I don't actually feel bad, but I could never lie to her. "I love you too, Harry."

She actually was right, we are standing at the edge of the turn; but for some reason neither of us wants to go further. She began to feel something too I feel it.

Weird, maybe I should have told her immidiately. I didn't dare to; well anyway we have to continue, our clothes are already wet and I don't want her to get sick.

I honestly and totally don't give a single fuck about myself, but she is my everything. She starts to hold my hand with a little bit of more strenght to hide the shaking.

She is terrified, I know it and feel it. We should just turn around and leave.

Heavy breathing. It's not coming from Mejse. It makes me sweat. My heart wants to escape my body through my ribcage. Terror.

I can't fucking move, feeling like a trapped animal that knows its in the hands of death itself. No escape. She heard it too. She jumps holding my hand nearly ripping it out of my shoulder.

I want to protect her and save her. All these thoughts in a second and yet that second felt like eternity.

We turn around as quickly as we can, to see the danger that wants to harm us; but we see nothing. I hear her relieved sigh but my heart is still heavy.

She steps closer to me and i put my arm around her to make her feel safer. "Maybe it was just a vent." I tell her a stupid lie. We both know it was something unnatural.

She knows I'm lying, but won't argue. She needs this consolation.

A few minutes pass and we still don't dare to move. Looking everywhere anxiously to see that "vent" that stole our scent and souls. Nothing moves in this godforsaken darkness.

My mind is creating it's own hell right here in this fucking powerplant or whatever this shit is. Terrified thoughts, without a start or an end.

They just race through my mind leaving me defenseless. I can't handle this. "Could we just get out of here? Please I can't do this anymore...

" I tell her what I should have told her in the beginning. "We are literally out of here in a jiffy, just one more turn. It's okay, I'm here for you my love. Nothing bad will happen."

We take that notorious corner that we were so scared of. At first we see nothing, just darkness, but suddenly a light switches on because of us.

A man is standing there with a crooked body, he might be tall but he is all hunched up. We both just stand there in shock. These kind of lights here work for hours after a single move.

He must have been standing there for hours fighting for his life. Luckily he is the corner so if we act like we don't see him we don't have to get closer.

I feel apathy towards other humans, but not towards Mejse. She gets all my emotions. For all I care that man could be dead and it wouldn't make me feel in any way.

I was the first to notice and while these thoughts were in my mind, Mejse noticed him too. She grasped and that was enough to awaken that creature. I know it was not a man.

I don't know what it was. Who it was. What did it want, but this I know. It was not a fucking human being. Even though it looked like and dressed like one.

It was wearing a trenchcoat and under it a suit. It's skin was pale as a rotting corpse. It didn't have any hair that's why I know this for sure.

When it heard the grasp of my love, it turned its head towards us. It moved like an owl. I nearly swallowed my tongue from the sheer terror of it.

My heart couldn't bear the "vent" scene but this was something from a horror movie. However, it is not the worst part. The "face" it wore was decaying.

The eyes that are staring at us are white, white as the moon, and nearly as bright. It froze my blood.

At this moment I'm starting to feel dizzy from the shock, but I cannot block I have to save her. We start to move slow at first but starting to get up the pace.

As soon as we leave that corner that we cannot see it anymore she starts to shake like a leaf. " We can't stop now." We say it at the same time.

A moment like this would make us smile but not now.

A cry in the night. A terrifying-blood-freezing-creepy shriek. After that quiet, a moment later the loud thuds of heavy feet. We start to run. Escapeescapeescapeescape.

"Leave me here my knee can't do anymore... Save yourself." "Never."

The monstrosity appeared right in front of us. Impossible. But it did. That's when I noticed its bleeding teeth that looked more like short knives. We hesitated.

That is our final mistake, the first was taking the shortcut. A moment. That moment is enough for it to tackle Mejse and put her to the ground. This thing is leaning over her.

The adrenalin rusing through my veins makes me feel strong and powerful. I try to seize this thing, I try to hold it down so it can't move closer towards her. I stopped it from moving.

I wanted to yell to Mejse to run, but I couldn't. There was no time for it. As soon as I held it down the head starts moving towards me. It is not a human.

It moves its head in 180 degrees like a fucking owl. It looks directly into my eyes, and with that paralyses me.

The broken lips that are covering his knife like teeth morph into an equally terrifying smile.

I, the puny, pathetic mortal being trying to hold the monster down? Even though it was misery and terror itself, this thing found something funny even it was for a brief second.

The next few things that happened were blurry. I felt a kick or a punch in my ribs and everything went dark...

"I still can't believe that this many people came here." "It's christmas after all.

" "Yea but are they even family?" "Who cares about that, it's the only time of the year where we should accept anyone... Hey, where is Mejse?" "Who?"

I still don't know why mother asked about someone named Mejse. Weird. Anyway can't dwell on things that don't make any sense.

I have to serve around twelve people, most of them I don't even know and after that we can finally sit down to eat.

Preparations took about an hour and their bitching a half more. Shameless they are.

I want to yell into their dumb faces to shut the hell up and appreciate that they have somewhere to spend their pathetic christmas at. I can't. Shame...

After finally everyone haveing their tiny pathetic souls pleased we can finally sit around the table.

"Who is that little shit who took my seat?" "Oh that's your long lost niece that we thought had died four years ago. Guess what she is alive and kicking.

She decided to run off and live at her grandmother who ironically didn't have a phone nor a TV so she had no clue.

" "Oh, Elizabeth right?" She didn't say a word just stared into my soul with those ice cold blue eyes, that held knowledge far beyond her age.

In a different situation I might have respected her more but I was fed up with everything.

So I decided that the best thing to do was to pull her away from my seat and bring myself another chair, and I did just so. As I sat down on my chair I heard her soft footsteps.

She quickly stood over me and started hold my hands. I felt kind of creeped out but family always did weird shit to the other so why the hell not. Maybe she loves or something like that.

That was a mistake to think that.

She started to hold my hands with more power. I felt that I don't have any blood left in my fingers. I felt that my fingers, my joints are giving up.

I heard a pop and my finger popped out of its place. I couldn't cry out for help because I was alone. There was nobody beside just her. There was no light either just her unearthly glow.

My joints are giving up one by one. I'm going crazy I can't handle the pain anymore.

She suddenly starts to push down my arms and I hear and feel that my muscles are being ripped and my bones are being broken. At the edge of fainting she looks into my eyes.

"You have to remember."

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