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salvation waiting for you to accept me
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OCTOBER LOVE dedicated to my special someone..


I never knew or realised how lucky i was until i lost you... I took you for granted thought our love is strong enough and true...

It can stand all the ups and downs, i knew that even if i fall... You will hold me, Lift me up and collect me even if i bawl...

But you fell for someone else, left me abandoned and stuck in this maze... Not just that person i was, i want to forget that phase..

Vulnerable from skin to bone... Forlorn, sick and afraid to die alone... Our love was so pure.. holy as Autumn's kiss.. You loved me with your soul but all i gave you was my impertinent self...

But i have realised how distracted i was, I could've cherished the things and time i had.. I am still the luckiest cuz you still love me even with all my bad....

Envy, jealousy and frustrations all are my past.. let me love you again and prove that there is no one above... I am here to love you and we can hopefully make things right and start over.. I've found my October love...

I love you please come back....

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