Hi! Do you remember me?
Hi! Do you remember me? forgiveness stories
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salvation waiting for you to accept me
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Honey bee i really love you

Hi! Do you remember me?

All the time we had spent together, you really cannot see.

My mind can not accept that you are not with me.

You gave me strength during the time when I was lost.

I treated you like trash.

Even though i myself was suffering and wanted to burn myself into ash.

I took you for granted thought you will never leave me.

You expected me to come and treat you like i always promised.

But i lost you without any warning.

You've found a guy who is treating you way better than i did...

I tried to make things better but you forbid.

All you wanted was happiness and peace of mind.

But my lenient and ambivalent brain made me blind.

I realised every thing i did has affected our relationship.

But i am trying to be the kind of person you always wanted me to be.

Its never too late, i am trying to change for better

I hope you will read this, i had sent you millions of electronic letters..

I really don't want to loose you ever again . Please come back and i will treat you better. I am sorry for treating you badly.. I am so forlorn and i seriously love you madly...

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