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salmonreed young, dumb, & stung 👽
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The bottom of a toilet bowl is a hell of a place to fall in love.


The last place I expect to find love is at the bottom of a toilet bowl

And yet, here I am On hands and knees puking up daisies stringy saliva and my general sense of pride at some lame ass frat party

This is not my finest hour

And while I’m dry heaving, you're standing in the doorway looking unholy under fluorescent glow I can hear the smirk in your voice when you say

“There you are”

Your voice is honey And when I look at you

You’re wearing that smug fucking grin

And your thrift store leather jacket

And your dyed black jeans with the hole above the knee

And your eyes are the color of moss

And your hair is the color of persimmons

And —

And then I’m puking again

And I’m not really sure the stars behind my throbbing eyes Are the same stars the classics romanticize But fuck, I am willing to try

“Man, you look like shit”

Empathy is not your strong suit But you're all dimples and straight teeth whenever you laugh at me So from my head-in-toilet disposition,

I give you the finger

And while I’m pleading with the Gods Promising to never drink again lying through my teeth to them

You’re putting a heated hand on the space built between shoulder blades Pouring honey over me again, you comb fingers through my hair and whisper sweetly to me

“Didn't I tell you to drink water, dumb ass?

You tuck a loose strand of hair behind my ear

And I’m trembling

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