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salmakhatoon918 Before something there is nothing.
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A tribute to the most hated thing in the world.


You have been, Cursed, Alleged, Accused, But You are the reason behind light, Just like flowers comes with thorns,

Punish me for I am your culprit, Called you unwanted and bad, When you were my only friend,

You are the certainty, Just like storm before silence, War before peace,

You were, nine months alone in womb with me, I guess for all good things you are the guardian, Because it was you before earth, birth, light, day,

Tell me a good story, That doesn’t include darkness, Dark past often lead to lighted path,

Now I happily will bear you in my heart, For You are just another beginning, Just like death and then living,

Each bad comes with good, You are just a part of circle, Why so much hatred to you?

In brightness you disappear, Waiting for your turn in no light, Because dark is what needed for good night,

Bearer of bad and sins, You are mostly not desired, But you are visible when eyes no longer can see,

Darkness you are no longer hated, Because to see the brighter sight, I often need to switch off the light.

Hey, Thank u so much for your support. I am truly honoured to have u guys. I love you. But I just wanted to tell you that sometimes dark things leads to bright destinations. Thank u so so much. Something shiny will be here soon. 😁😘

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