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salmakhatoon918 I can't hate....
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I see universe when I am in her company.


Oh women! I see how iron runs in your bone, Fire in your veins is ready to make them bow, The nature you hold is a peace in itself, But the wrath of same, any defence is fail,

Each of you, is a description of statue of liberty, Without your recognition, prosper can no country, Oblivious they are who downgrade you, Oh women! you are music of flute,

Even the earth is a mother, Because you are prestigious than any other, The time you came in the form of eve, The power you possessed gave them no ease,

So, they tried to pollute you with dirt, blood, accusations, Made you toy to be used from generation to generations, But the monster who was sleeping in you, Is awaken to correct who are poisoning you,

Oh, women the concord you hold, Is what attract towards you each soul, No high word is higher than women, As for my prayers you are the amen.

Thank u sooo much for reading and your constant support. Love you. Keep on writting. 😀

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