When They Ask Me...
When They Ask Me... feelings #poetry #love #peace #be you stories

salmakhatoon918 Before something there is nothing.
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Sometimes you don't regret loving someone beyond your imagination.

When They Ask Me...

When they ask me if I believe in love? I see your face when I lie, The night with you in dream, During day is what I mostly desire,

When they ask me to move on? I wonder how can I move on from life? I see you in almost everything, Other than you, exist nothing,

When they ask me what’s new? I answer loud ‘TODAY…ANOTHER HOPE’, Then I whisper ‘TO SEE YOU’, A hope, chance that is one in billionth,

When they ask me to get you out of my mind? I picture forest without green, The world with chaos, Each second reminds me peace, YOU,

When they tell me to write as therapy? They will never know why I call writing my therapy, Each line is consecrated to you, So is my breathing,

When they ask me if I am hurt because of you? I don’t know if fire can hurt fire, They think I am off the track, But they don’t know you are the driver of my train of thoughts,

When they ask me to hate you? Please! teach me how to hate my existence, Just like darkness is somewhere in light, You were, are, will always be in my heart.

Ohk so someone said I can’t be romantic so I took the challenge and wrote this, I hope you like this. Thank u so much for ur constant support. Love u 😀

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