Weird is new normal now.
Weird is new normal now. disturbed  #problem #confuse #nopeace #help #me #hope #beyou #love stories

salmakhatoon918 Before something there is nothing.
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Don't breathe! ur existence is burden now.

Weird is new normal now.

Something in head wants to stop, But I am still wondering what? As Silence is new noise now,

That way it says to kill them, Must have been a part of serial killer’s body, As violence is new pleasure now,

The thought process is always running, Specifically, when someone talks, As The people are new lonely now,

My therapist asked me to read, But everything is getting undigested, As reading is new infuriate now,

Tired of fresh starts, But I fucked up the last start, So, fucked up is new beginning now,

Green forest is meant to silence one down, But this green is nothing to me, As green is new grey now,

I rise daily only to get night sleep, The days are passing with no life, As the morning is new night now.

This is the situation when you read to feel good but won’t understand single word. The time when you don’t know what you like or not. The time when you want to type all the things but you press backspace. The time when you don’t get single idea to write.

I am sorry if you are feeling like this or have been through this because I know how bad it is. even the foodie like me refuse to eat. But I am awsm now hahha.

Thank you so much for being so supportive. Keep on writing, take care.

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