Tired Of Waiting.
Tired Of Waiting. #hopelessness stories

salmakhatoon918I can't hate....
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I am not happy in this modern world...

Tired Of Waiting.

Rotting dreams swelling my eyes Suffocated in so many unheard cries

Shot for the sky but it is stuck on ground Everyone has already won their crown

With heavier heart it is hard to walk No journey can be made with hole in ark

The path no longer seems lighted For this end I was never guided

Skeleton of bad times always chasing For good times I am tired of waiting.

"Bad times take you many years back. Closer to where you started, farther from where you wanted to go...." Salma Khatoon

Um going through some unwanted situations and i know things will get better soon but I feel so tired of waiting for something good. So wrote this as to express my feelings. I hope you are doing good. Take care. I will be bringing good stuffs soon inshallah.

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