"The Country Which Cried"

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For the soldiers who sacrifice their life for us. I have explained the plight of people living in conflicted area.

"The Country Which Cried"

Tongue tied with fear, Terror clutched bones, Kerbed smile in cage,

Poisoned hope with each attack, Drenched land in blood, Colour sere dreams,

Chained soul now in the fear of living, Embellished nights with the pearl of tears, Breathing is weighed in trepidation,

Sacrifices of lives that guards you, Your dreams are result of their nightmare, Congrats your country is fenced with death of loved ones,

With pride and for camera they wore faux smile, Hiding rheumy eyes that cry, ‘Tell me how hard I should try?’

Pulwama attack that took place in the most disputed state of India took the life of many soldiers. I wrote this for my people, for youths who are just confuse, for the politicians who just sit in their 5star room and mourn on tweeter, for mother who lost her son,

for sister who lost her brother, for wife who lost her husband, for kids who lost their father and last but not least for country who lost its most honest citizens, SOLDIERS.

The news made me really depress guys. I cannot count the plight of people who actually went through this. stop terrorism, stop hate, stop discrimination, stop selfishness, stop negativity. Thanks for reading guys.

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