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salmakhatoon918 Before something there is nothing.
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Gun violence is increasing day by day. I just want to put my views.


Ssshhhhhh! They are everywhere, So, what if you don’t care, They are like normal people, But could cause great trouble,

There will be many with gun, To beat you with, just for fun, You are likely to die, Because these new guns need a try,

Then media will knock, Making it a head line restricted to time clock, After half an hour episode on brutality, They will again shift camera to fake reality,

Hey don’t panic! Govt will give some money, By rating the wounds on death body, You think it is over, Don’t let your heart hover,

They will be back with same weapons, And will beat you up for no reasons, You think you are innocent, Walking on road enjoying the moment,

Don’t be fool, Because they find killing cool.

I was reading newspaper some days backa nd found out that how gun violence is increasing day by day. I did some further research nd m telling u what I found out is shocking. I will attach the link in teh comments section do check what wrong is becoming new normal.

Thank you so much for reading. Love you!

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