So Many Doors I Have Closed.
So Many Doors I Have Closed. thoughts  #feelings #me #hope #better #love #peace  #beyou #disturbed  #confused stories

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And it's ohk if she sound rude because she is protecting herself.

So Many Doors I Have Closed.

Glued are the pieces as, Pumping of heart for billions is needed, And life goes on with punctured smithereens, To evade from this so many doors I have closed.

The leaf doesn’t fall before spring, Dry they are after bemoaning green, The upshot of superfluous attachment, To protect myself from this so many doors I have closed.

With water they beam green but, Deserted are the lands without it, As in sorrow of farewell they lose their colours too, Not to desert myself like this so many doors I have closed.

Palms will not be read with missing lines, As they are useless with no lines to read, Often not worth without each other, To not to be insignificant without something so many doors I have closed.

Mirror in dark is mostly avoided, As togetherness with light forms reflection, But without light mirror is an inept, To be competent alone so many doors I have closed.

Body and breathing are so dependant, Without breathing, it will be in lurch, Without body, it will be just wind, To be nothing more but me so many doors I have closed.

To be safe, To be not broken, To be alive, So many doors I have closed.

Ohk so my best buddy (boblong) said I am too young to close so many doors but I just wanted to put my fear in different words. Yeah, I have fear of losing people hence I avoid getting attached to someone. But then again, we can’t live in 21st century with 18th century believes.

So, I guess I should be changing my fear too but honestly it is harder than it seems. Whenever people come close to me I just shut them up or just cut off myself because I feel guilty of getting too close and losing them.

But then again one of my friend (who is recently trying to be my friend and really good but I just can’t stop being me) recommended that not making friends just because of the fear of losing them is illogical.

I don’t know… may be with time I’ll change and I really hope so because this believe is really not making me any social person. By the way thank you so much for your constant support guys I am nothing without you. Love you! Keep on writing!

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