Retirement Of A Superhero.

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We all have one but sometimes it also become a victim of depression, hopelessness, etc.

Retirement Of A Superhero.

In morning he glowers himself in the mirror, Tangled with his obscure future, Wrinkles that paints all the memories, The battles he lost and won,

Eyes that are not far sighted now, Still holds flash backs of those good old days, With the power of youth, He thought he was despicable,

But no one can beat the crown of time, Elderly is like grip over sand that is getting smaller, Aging is not the problem but losing is, And sometimes it is not morning but night that comforts,

Sometimes not happiness but depression that cures, Flood of tears that he fenced with jokes, Because helper knows the plight of helplessness, He did all never to be famous,

Among monsters he tried to be Agnes, He was the one with power of love, But actually, he always was deprived of love, Now with body that is no longer hydrated with young,

He can no longer mete out his help, To make the world more liveable as he wished, But still the youth trapped under the mirror, Whispers, ‘I am alive!! standing in front’,

Bit tired, bit lost, bit depress, bit feeling of I can’t, But he knows there is no retirement age for superman, Wrinkles, weakness, wheelchair, Although his youth is faded but this is not what he cares,

He put his jacket on the body that is retiring, But he ignites the fire of hope in heart that will never be resting, And raging war against elderly, he picks up his pen,

To help someone going through same pain, Trying to make this world better as much as he can.

Thank you so much for reading. I just wanted to give words to the feelings I have going through that is ‘uselessness’ and trust me this is the worst type of feeling one can ever go through. But I will be fine.

I would like to dedicate this piece to the most kind, pure, awesome, person on Commaful @Boblong. Because after reading his post named ‘Repression, Depression and Me’ made me realise that he is going through depression. and not only him but to all who are going through any type of feeling like this.

Just know that sometimes we all go through this feeling and it is part of our life. It will be gone soon inshallah. Whoever can relate to this just know you can PM me anytime.

Even the strongest person goes through this feeling that doesn’t mean he or she is not worthy trust me you are soooooooo original that no one can replace and I mean no one. you are all awesome.

And I don’t know about others, I don’t know you but just know I love you guys. You are all beautiful. Thank you so much for reading. Keep on writing.

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