Proposed Her.
Proposed Her. bruised stories

salmakhatoon918I can't hate....
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Although she already knows how much I love her. @in I took 'linen cheeks' from your piece I hope you won't mind.

Proposed Her.

This time her smile wasn't smiling Tidal eyes seeped her bruised memories

Asphyxiating behind these tranquil words Her heart leaked those concealed camouflaged sores

I see her shield of makeup weakening Unveiling linen cheeks of her

The girl in the mirror used to be my best creation Now she is just a dithered result of all my careless actions

But there is light deeper than eyes can find it Just like dawn before morning

Some green was still left yearning I proposed and assured her, 'Babe! you are still in making'

'No matter how bruised you are one day you will know that everything was on purpose'

I know you hold the beauty that eyes can't find, the beauty that can only be felt. We are on journey guys and trust me journeys are meant to be enjoyed, so enjoy the taste of everything that life is giving you.

I know i have been quite inactive but just making a come back. Will read all ur works soon.

Thank you so much for reading. I hope you liked it. Take care. You are original no one can replace you. keep on writing and shinning cause you are a star.

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