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His gaze was more like permission to go beyond the lines she carved for them.


His gaze was more like permission to go beyond the lines she carved for them. The red dress she spent her half of salary, was long enough to cover and short enough to arouse the curiosity.

The whole time on a date all he was thinking was to find a way to take it off. With each passing minute, his desire for her was growing stronger. With every gaze, she was becoming thirstier.They found each other finally where they two belong


She went to the washroom to make sure her smell,in between he took the moment to lock the door of the room and used his mouth freshener and took time to control his out of controlled body because he had no intention to come up as a nerd.

She smelled her breathing, she checked her makeup, untied and then tied the rope of her dress just to make sure perfection although tonight the dress was not going to be part of most of the activities.

What if she got scared? What if he hurt her? What if she became nervous in between? What if? His thoughts were interrupted by the opening sound of the washroom door. He knew something was there in her appearance, he denoted her to sit on the bed

‘beside him'

His body was totally out of control when she sat beside him that her shoulder was touching his shoulder. ‘if you don't want, you can just tell me' he was sure that she wanted this as much as he, but he just wanted to break that


‘hey, you know what I want right now' settling her eyes on his face, his lips, his eyes, his neck she said putting her left hand on the right cheek of him. ‘water I guess'

it was meant to bring laugh but he guessed the joke was on him. He blinked his eyes to make sure this was all not a dream but no sooner he got the time to open them he felt strong sensation on

‘his lips'

And he knew it was her lips, it was her touch, it was her tongue, it was her everything. He waited no other minute and tried to lay her on the bed. She could have wait but it was too sensual to wait for his first move. The way he tried to lay her on the bed was not enough so she participated and pulled her body towards


In just one flick they both found each other in the most natural way


He started planting seeds with his touches. And she was just handling her breath which was not in rhythm as they should be. With closed eyes she felt looking right at him. to bring her breath to normal she tried to give herself some oxygen with the help of

‘his lips'

She never thought to show the parts that weren't so pretty but when he insisted with those eyes she became weak. Then he planted a garden with his lips where she can't see. Her hands rooming on his body felt like fire on ice.

The places he planted kisses was the only thing that she felt alive rest of her body was smoke. With his, every kiss her thirst was growing stronger than before. With her every touch he was losing more patience than before.

To make sure her readiness he opened his eyes and lifted his head from her body, she looked his gaze and knew he was asking something and she knew


With some guidance, she gave him permission to go beyond kisses, touches, skin to skin. he knew she was ready for more than just kisses, touches, skin to skin, something


She knew a little bit about it, and he knew a little bit about her this combination was enough at that moment. He travelled her body from neck to the legs with his lips. There were places which he climbed and then fall back. She enjoyed the never-ending journey with him even if never end was

‘just tonight'

Those feelings she experienced were a mixture of some not so frequent feelings like the feeling of the pleasure of his kisses, feeling of uncomforted of his touches,

feeling of safety due to him around her, feeling of anxiety knowing the unknown thing, feeling of frustration of limited pleasure that may last only tonight. He was sure that he was in


when she led him to do it, when she led him to see what was hidden, when she led him to touch her soul, when she led him to left a garden where she can't see, when she led him to make her his,

When he finally found himself deep in her soul, she knew he gave her more than just butterfly in her stomach.

she pulled him harder to lead him and he pushed her harder to go deeper. She knew if death was possible tonight then it would be due to her uncontrolled breathing. And he knew if death was bound to happen tonight then it would be this pleasure.

Thank u so much for reading. 😁 And one more thing I love u ....😊😀

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