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salmakhatoon918 Before something there is nothing.
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May be not? Thank you so much for reading my words.

Make It Out Alive.

Chased down by demons of past I am again buried six feet deep

Where no one seems to hear my screams Fungus of helplessness weakened my staircase to normal

With fused hopes, darkness is asphyxiating my soul Eclipsed eyes can't treasure rainbows

The ocean of my dream is polluted with doubts Embers of fear burning my mind

This is just worse than last time But I know I am gonna make it out alive.

Those of you who have read the piece by @rosarlie based on the conversation between us will know what I am talking about.

I am still not out of that nightmare and it is somewhere trying to hunt me but I am trying to keep myself distracted as much as I can. I know what it feels like to have daytime nightmares.

I hope you guys are doing good. I am sorry if you can relate to this but you can talk this out with me or anyone you want.

Trust me sharing your problems will not make you look weak but a wise person trying to find solution (special thanks to @roarlie and @Boblong for making me believe in this). I love you all.

Take care. Keep on writing and shinning cause your light is needed for the wanderer like me.

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