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Something about long distance relation ship. A collaboration with brilliant writer @PoemsAboutLife. I hope you like it.


Hey this is a collaboration with @Poemsaboutlife. We have tried to bring thoughts of girl and a boy who are in long distance relationship. I hope you enjoy this.

He lives half a world away, But nothing comes in their way, His emotions could be sensed in the messages, Reading them feels like he is sitting near to her for ages,

His wishes to be near her are really so much, To feel the warmth of her skin with tenderly touch, The stories they share bring them ever so Close, And how he no longer feels like a ghost,

‘One day they will meet’ is her faith, Just to tell him ‘hi’ every day she waits, His pics being watched mostly an hour, Wondering each knock his, hands full of flowers,

Even if planets were to separate the two, His love for her is more than he even knew, Longing for the say when they can be together But for now, He is content and for him there is no other,

His messages are not with fragrance, But something makes her feel his appearance, His words do not contain any gestures, Still reading them is no less than finding treasures,

Her messages he waits for every single day, To melt his heart in every single way, Her words that appear like an elegant ballet, A symphony of syllables that takes him stray,

His words are just what she need, Call it motivation and herself to feed, He may not be near to protect her, But his words are enough for her,

The effect of her words is to sing and dance, All the emojis leave him in trance, A psychedelic fanzy of love and care, The distance means nothing as long as she is there,

They can’t laugh together, But their updates about each other, Are shared pic, and stories, Becoming all digital memories,

love is not when you meet daily, It is ‘when you love truly’, When long distance become nothing, Emojis appear enough for kisses and hugging.

Hey I hope u like it. We both tried to represent their feeling. I hope we did good. Let me know in the comment section below. Oh thank u so much @Poemsaboutlife without u I wouldn't have done this. Ps. This is also dedicated to one of my dear friend @Boblong. 😁

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