Life at deathbbed!
Life at deathbbed! death #lasttime #life #memories  #live stories

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A beautiful collaboration with A fantastic writer on Commaful @Skye.

Life at deathbbed!

As I lay calm on the bed willing to leave my body, My retired restful eyes have visions sweet syrupy.

Dew swelling on leaf, chirp of brisk birds. The sun scaling up the hill, Fauna playing choral chords.

Stars strewed on cobalt canvas, And the blotched silvery moon. Spring leaves swing with wind, Skinny brown branches croon.

Once under shower of rain, Drenched in unsought silence. Thinking of storms and shadows, I felt cursed in your absence.

Now, surrounding me in quietude, Tilted heads and rheumy eyes. As I dwindle into darkness, They listen to my hymn -my goodbyes.

I am so happy that @Skye helped me. Or I should say I did just 5% or less than that. @Skye gave words to my imagination. A big pack of thanks to the one who made it possible. @Skye 😍

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