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We learn from other's mistakes...so thought to share mine to help u ...


At first, I thought I am just unlucky and should stop trying. I wanted to give up on things which were not working.

My friends, my family life, my course, my studies, my prayers, my passion, my life. I didn’t know what wrong and what way I should try. All I knew was that things will never be good to me.

I was so frustrated with my luck that I even started complaining god for this (for this god forbid me).

As far as I could see I saw things which were just incomplete and ruined in my life and there was no way I could make them right.

I was just hoping for some miracle to happen to change everything. But as I have been saying in my previous articles that we should learn from every situation.

So, I took a moment and tried to find out the reason for all these problems. And guess what I realised, it was all because of me.

I was in frustration of something and when other things did not work out, it added more plight.

This situation made me realise that we need to keep things separate and leave home every time as a new person who is ready to tackle anything.

Because if we keep ourselves surrounded with tensions of inside it will affect our confidence level to handle problems of outside world. Allow me to share some silly things that bothered me.

I was going through some personal problem suddenly I was expected to fill some form and deadline was in three days.

The form didn’t complete because of technical mistake, but it makes me realise that I am just unlucky. Because of form thing I was unable to pay attention on my studies.

Because of this my schedule was totally unscheduled. And all those things together compelled me to hate and complain about life. See how things are interconnected.

All these things are part of life but since I was already burdened with my personal problem, I was compelled to see them as a big hurdle.

People find themselves vulnerable to the problems because they are already overburdened due to tensions of useless things.

So basically, I have learned that each time we leave the house we should be a new person who is ready to tackle anything don’t let your inside worries affect your outside world.

Thanks for reading. I shared this to help the one who are just unable to do their normal things due to frustration. I hope u find it helpful. Take care

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