If I Can’t Have You





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Will you love someone unconditionally even after knowing that you can’t have them?
Collaboration with one of the talented writer @Kira. Thank you so much for reading our words. Images are from pinterest.

If I Can’t Have You

Left shattered in pieces as they can't stand each other

Death of silence is the birth of noise

Fire ignites only on the corpse of moisture

In the shine of light, no one noticed the sacrifice of darkness

The morning spliced with night shed dawn in distress

Earth witness the screams of sky in writhing rain

Dead leaves mourn while falling down from trees

Only with sun's tears moon smiles brightly.

Love “Have a great affection or liking for”

The purpose of the poem is to remind us that love is not just about winning someone’s heart, body, soul, trust. Love can be done without expecting anything in return. So, if you failed to be with your loved ones that doesn’t mean you are heartbroken or your love is incomplete.

The true definition of love can be seen in our nature where one loves other unconditionally. Our love should be like how sun loves moon, morning loves night, water loves fire, darkness loves light, and earth loves sky without expecting anything in return.

'Pure love will always be unconditional’ by Kira and Salma Ansari

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