I Have Been a Bad Liar.

I Have Been a Bad Liar. love #war #empty #hate #motivaition #inside #paradise #love #beyou #peace stories

salmakhatoon918 Before something there is nothing.
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Now you know you are free to leave.

I Have Been a Bad Liar.

Told myself that I will not be the same, And I wandered for someone to blame, But then mirror came by, Showed me the actual person, oh! so fragile,

Was awaken but wasn’t living, Trust me darling! I used to desire nothing, It’s been loveless past, With no colour, I called it art,

The voracious emotions are unchained, To fight against love, I clutched my weapon, I used to be a warrior, Fought with no shield to rank higher,

With cold feeling I survived summer, Not even in dreams word love I utter, My soul has been alone long enough, It is raging so many wars on birthing emotions,

Baby I don’t feel anything so far, But trust me darling! I am a bad liar.

You should not be alone for long because honestly, it is addictive. Solitude becomes addiction, we even start avoiding further contacts because of past but through this piece all I am saying that with this feeling I have been a bad liar and actually my soul was starving.

So at least once we should give our starved soul one more chance to try, one more chance to live, one more chance to feel, on more chance to love who knows what imperfect diamond you may discover. Don’t be so harsh baby because the world is already a place of harshness at least you should show some kindness to yourself.

Love you. Thank you so much for your constant support. I know you can give yourself one more chance. Because you are already a gem of here. love you. keep on writing.

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