Heartless was once with heart.
Heartless was once with heart.  love #heartbreak #memories #fiction #peace  #loveagain #back stories

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Trying this after so long. I hope you like it. based on today's prompt: Memory.

Heartless was once with heart.

Just like blood, your memories run in my veins. You are still drawn in my mind, because I never rubbed you.

I gave you my shoulder because you were broken, but I forgot that whether hurt or not snake will always be venomous.

I offered you my grail expecting nothing in return as I was taught that love will receive love but never knew the teacher was clumsy until your touch was polluted with greed for more.

I opened the door to give you what was hidden from all and gave you my heart which you took it as a chance. You locked me out, made me stand like I was your bodyguard.

Still gave you softest cushion to rest but you pierced it too, to feed your greed in the name of seeing if I was human or angel.

She broke your heart so you took mine to replace broken with new one leaving and making me heartless.

But I am not totally empty I still have the same smile for you because I know how broken you were.

Your love was nothing but just hunger for more which never missed to make me realise that I wasn’t enough, but compromise. But I still worked hard to be what you wanted.

And when you said I am innocent never knew you will be the one playing with this innocence. I trusted you with my precious thing you broke it like it was nothing for you but just a casual thing.

I thought it was a mistake and never believed this part of you so I chose to ignore because we both were broken. But in the name of love you took my broken pieces to use it to complete you.

I waited for my turn there in line but you looked for someone taller and better. And luckily you found one better than me.

In second you left me with nothing, making me heartless with no emotion, no hope but memories of you that still run in my veins.

Hey I know I was bit not active but inshallah soon.....soo excited to catch up with u again guys... After so long I finally started writting in paragraphs, my old way. I hope u like it. Tahnks for reading.😀 LOVE YOU!

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