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Before this read moonlit lover by @Kira. It is a sequel of that piece. I hope you like our collaboration. Thank u so much for reading my words.

Hard To Love

Rainbows of her eyes scratch my skin

Poisonous is her each glance

Lucifer can be my god and hate I feed up on

If she is flower than I am thorn

My destitute roar of silence

Is the only weapon against her innocence

Leeching out all her hope

With my artificial resemblance of rose

They don't see the hidden player

As for the guy like me it is hard to be a lover.

If you don't know what that is please do read the piece by Kira titled Moonlit lover. It is about a girl who is blindly in love with a guy who is actually a player.

@Kira wanted to do soemthing challenging and offered me to be a part of her adventurous plan. So the challenge was, we were made to write soemthing we are not good at and as u know I can't hate but she made me to write like a play boy.

When it comes to her, she said can't write about love so she accepted it as a challenge. I am so excited it comes out great and kira you are so romantic. I honestly don't feel like I did anything cause her poem was already so much. But I hope you like this piece.

It was challenging but I hope we did a great job. Thank you so much for reading. Take care. Please PM me the link if you want me to read some of your awsm pieces. As I have realised I am missing some awsm pieces from new members.

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