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Your love is worthy enough to fight for...


‘will you marry me? I don’t want to continue if you can’t assure me of a future with you”, I know this is a terrible thing to say on third date but I am just sick of love games.

He seems astounded as if I am a human monster, maybe he is thinking and joining words to form a sentence. But it’s too long to reply just one word.

Is he making faces or just trying to speak something.

‘of course, I’ll marry you and you only’ am I hearing right? Is he really saying he wants to marry me? My crush wants to marry me? This is enough to fell for him more.

What more I can ask for, isn’t this the dream of every one to marry their crush and live happily ever after.

He talks too much but right now all I can think is my future with this man, sitting right in front of me.

How can I be so lucky to have this guy? And the shirt he chose to wear is just enough to melt me.

I don’t know but all I want is to look at him till the end. Th date with him was perfect as I expected but as we move along his calls, messages started disappearing.

The one who used to be on top of every list, call list, message list, mail list is now at the bottom.

I don’t want to be tagged as clingy girlfriend but if he needed some boy time he could have informed me.

I think I should call him at least to find out if he is ok or not but...

‘you are looking pretty today and prettier when sun rays strike on your face’ I can still hear this line when he said holding my hand laying at the corner of the table.

All these thoughts of him I can no longer resist, I need to talk to him.

‘hey, I am sorry I didn’t contact you for past weeks but I don’t know what to say’ his voice sounds okay that means he is not sick either.

‘umm are you ok? I thought you were sick, thought to call your home but I didn’t’ these uncontrolled breaths are revealing my excitement, damn it.

‘hey I need to talk to you about something serious’ should I ask him to come here.

‘hey why don’t you come over, we can grab some food and talk’ is it too much to ask?

‘hey listen to me, I am engaged to girl of my parent’s choice, we can’t continue this’ tell me it’s a joke.

‘are you serious?’ of course he is, but I don’t want to lose him, he is mine and if he loves me he should fight for me.

‘I am sorry, I betrayed your trust but I got weaker in front of them and they were threatening me, I am sorry’ I don’t know if he is crying on the other side but he sounds week.

‘bye’ this is all I can say right now even though I want to talk to him and tell him that my love is worthy enough to fight for.

I want to hug him and remind him how good it is when we are together but right now all I can do is to mange to walk properly.

Is this prank? Is he pranking on me? Should I call him again to tell him that I know he is pranking? But if he was pranking he would have called me by now. Oh, why am I fooling myself?

Is he lying just to break up with me? Am I clingy? Did I do something? I don’t know. If he can’t, I can call him and tell him to come here and live with me.

No, I have got to be strong I am not calling him at any cost.

He should be fighting for me I am not easy, if he loves me he would do anything to be with me otherwise I won’t marry a coward either.

Thank you so much for reading. 😀 I wrote this for the one who are confused whether to love a person or not once they love them blindly. Trust me there are lines and things that perfectly explain their true personality and you got to make hard decisions on them. No matter how hard u loved them.

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