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salmakhatoon918 Before something there is nothing.
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Finally I saw a dream where I was doing exactly what I wanted. It was not perfect but blurr so had to make it perfect.


They found themselves standing in front of lift which was coming in up direction.

After a while and awkward silence suddenly, the lift stopped and the door was opening making Rukhsana more visible to them. She gave them a killing look which was scary.

She alighted and they aboard, thank god she was not going in their direction,

this is what Saira thought after some talk Saira was just desiring to have some long time with the most handsome boy in college, ohk one of the most handsome guy in college.

the more the elevator door was closing the lesser they were able to see Rukhsana and finally she disappeared behind the door of elevator.

‘hey...so are you upset?’, ‘about what?’, she replied.

‘about the things I said, trust me at that night I was drunk and they made me to call you’, Now looking on her face he said moving his hands a little bit,

‘um I am not sure what to believe or not but the things you said were true, and I have been thinking about it and the conclusion is I can change myself’, she gave him peace full smile.

she didn’t see that coming but he moved towards her and grabbed her with waist,

she was not sure for this and hence she used her hand on his chest to push him away but she was restrained, 'sorry for doing this’ she was puzzled and was about to open her mouth to ask, 'what the fuck you are doing?' but,

He pushed her towards the wall of lift and then he pressed his lips against hers. The harder he was kissing the harder she was pushed against the wall.

It was like he is trying to be gentle but the rush of time was not letting him then finally she amassed her strength and pushed him.

When he was parted away by sudden strength he did not see coming, he somehow balanced himself.

In-between the elevator stopped and she went out without even looking at him, he was also coming behind her calling her name,

‘Saira……. Saira listen please you can’t run away from things like this…… Saira ….’,

No matter what level of voice he was using but she was lost in her thoughts, why did he do that? Why can’t anyone take her seriously? Is she meant to please boys?

She was finally thinking to have a relationship like a normal people and now he did this, why would he do something like this? All these thoughts were giving aches in her stomach she was not able to walk.

So, she decided to sit on the chairs seated against the wall before office.

Maybe it was sari, maybe it was what happened, but she was not feeling well and seeing him coming closer she wanted to stand and go away but the ache in her stomach wasn’t letting her.

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