Don't Look At Me Now.





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salmakhatoon918I can't hate....
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As I feel guilty... Thanks for reading my work...Going through this writer wait till it's over.. <3

Don't Look At Me Now.

Kiss me again like those days And take all my worries away My swollen eyes still wait The storms you used to abate

Come to me like old times When you used to be only mine Night after days what hurt more As darkness used to halt our bore

Tell me those lies again Against you, my mind can't refrain Although it was just a lie I still love the way you pretended to try

Let me wish for the day to be with you again You are always the driver of my thought's train Do you even miss me? Or is it just me keeping my mind filled with your memory?

Do you think that you are committing a sin by missing some past memories that you want to forget ? I don't know about you but I do feel like I am a sinner if I do that. Huh But I can't help so I will ask you to change your perspective too and enjoy if your mind wants to flashback moments no matter how dark they are.

Hey I hope you all are doing good. I may be not as active as i was but will be back ASAP. Thank you so much for reading and for ur constant support without you I am nothing guys. Love you 💕💕

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