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salmakhatoon918 I can't hate....
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These unfinished dreams won’t let me sleep....


These unfinished dreams won’t let me sleep I ran to chase the stars and I hit the rock Because right now, days, nights and life are all dark

In the jungle of highbrows I make my naïve moves And again, I am standing as a fool

With each result, I rage my war To be satisfied I pedal again for higher star Mirror is my new enemy, so I keep it afar

I am probably taking too much space If I am not living on the edge So, I lose some weight out of grudge

If there is another mountain I hope one day I would make it move But till then what am I supposed to do?

Drowned under the flames Where everyone is master of their game I still make my moves, that are usually lame.

I have finally finished my assignment work Hushhhhh.. will read ur awsm works soon… I love you. thank you so much for your constant support.

Never forget you are original and no one can replace you. take care. Keep on writing.

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