Chapter one (his thoughts)
Chapter one (his thoughts) love romance stories

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I am not saying she is the most beutiful thing in the world because I don't care about the world right now.

Chapter one (his thoughts)

I know I should start this with some metaphor but I am just unable to confine her in simple words or I should say I can't limit her personality in just one line or words.

I am not saying she is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. I am just saying she is the most beautiful thing among all the beautiful things I have ever seen and may see.

Where do I start first? Her hair, the darkness of it, is stronger than hex. This dark is something where you will want to be gone.

Even though she ties them when she cooks but those indiscreet flicks kept on bothering her. And this is the moment where I become her knight.

I tenderly use my index finger to lead those insolent flicks behind her auricle. At this time, I get to praise her flawless neck.

I lead my index finger downward, not piercing but tenderly because her skin is like a membrane if you go any harsh it will boom revealing all the red wine.

During the mission of neck, mandible tries to lead my finger towards her lips (can write the whole book on their beauty, not now) but she doesn't like me touching her lips while she is cooking.

So, not ruining the moment I forbid my finger. And I simply take them back to her neck where I get the company of sporadic collarbone.

I am not saying her collarbone is the finest thing but yeah! They are my weakness.

You can't isolate man from breathing, you can't discrete the tears from eyes and you can't isolate my lips from those bones.

She is very professional when it comes to cooking but sometimes it gets too steamy to wait.

So, I simply use the trick of cobs to leave her in the lurch by tying both of her hands at the backside and this is the moment when I can finally praise the invention of rubbers which doesn't let those hairy curtains to disturb me while I admire the look of her collarbone.

She takes sigh with long breath making her sporadic collarbone more visible and increasing my temperature level.

So, without further a due I just finally get to taste coating of the desert or more specifically her skin, my life.

Thank you so much for reading. someone said I should try this area and honestly I wasn't sure about it. But I hope you like it. I just wanted to bring some romance in the air. hahah Thank you so much for reading. take care!

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