Chapter one (her thoughts)
Chapter one (her thoughts) he #she #love stories

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When I close my eyes to imagine paradise I see his face.

Chapter one (her thoughts)

When I close my eyes to imagine paradise I see his face. He is not a bodybuilder nor he is a model but a simple guy, still something about him makes me content.

Where do I start first? Although you can't rate things in paradise, but when you got to choose something out of everything, I will choose his lips.

No, I am not denying the charm of his whole presence I am just saying his lips tops when it comes to the most ecstatic parts in his body.

His lips become more attractive when he bring his muscular index finger on his lower lip to prepare himself for some deep thoughts, must be about the paperwork he brings from office.

I don't want to rate myself low but I am really jealous of those papers, they snip my thing.

But when he chose paperwork over me the table lamp become his companion of these nights, damn lamp! I don't want to interrupt him so I simply decide to lay on the bed and watch him work.

I usually switch off the lights of the bedroom because I need to see my firefly. The whole room went dark in the night but the lamp and his face.

He frequently touches his lips and then brings those fingers of right hand back at those paper, then he assembles them and put them aside.

He wears the sleeping suit of Nike which is mostly agglutinated to his skin. making his manly parts more visible.

Although it is too dark to see but ‘when you know every inch of someone you don't need light to see it'.

He usually senses my needy eyes on him so once in a while he gives me smile or more like ‘just coming need to complete this'.

When he takes his eyes off of those papers and gives me what I desire most ‘his attention' it gets too steamy to wait.

It’s not my fault it is the fault of his lips, his facial skin glowing more when the deem light of lamp strike on his face, his visible parts, his masculine hands, his hairy head waiting to be touched by me. So instead of sleeping on a cold bed alone I chose to stand behind his warm body.

When I reach him I simply put my hands around his neck from behind not to disturb him but to tell him ‘I will wait till the end'.

My sneaky hands, they can get never enough of anything on him so they mostly start roaming on his chest feeling his breathing, his heartbeat, his chest hairs, the lines of his last rib bones.

The farther my hands rove down on his chest the more I have to lean myself so that eventually my lips starts touching his neck. His neck is rough where I get to massage my lips for a while.

When it gets too erogenous, he put me on his lap, wrapping his sturdy arms around my waist. His face countenance looks like I made him mad.

I know I can be bit annoying but I am ready for the punishment.

So this is going to be in series. Thank you so much for reading. I hope u like it. Take care.

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