Best Friend (the best part of our lives)
Best Friend (the best part of our lives) bestfriend #poetry #memories  #love #life #besty stories

salmakhatoon918 I can't hate....
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Trust me you won't regret reading this.
You can dedicate this to ur lovely besties.

Best Friend (the best part of our lives)

Was scared to have a voice on stage, you taught me it is not something to cage.

Had an issue with things, You solved it for me in just one bling.

In your absence, Class became battle field, fake smile used to be my shield.

Our talks were mostly insane, With you I was never sane.

Though you didn’t like him, But you tolerated my whim.

Late night gossips, With some coke sips, Are still missed.

When I hit the road, You were my safety belt, With you, boredom never felt.

you were my medicine of depression, for clothes, style and life, you were my inspiration.

We talked in our silence, We hugged even from distance.

You lift me up when there was darkness, You were the first reader of all my nonsense.

In front of you, I was never a good liar, For my happiness, you were the buyer.

Hey thanks for reading.😀 Hope you enjoyed and cherished your memory with your besties too. 😄 Here’s bonus for you ‘me proposing my love’ but unfortunately she said ‘I love you but as a friend’ 😂😂

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