Before Peace.
Before Peace. depression #anxiety #lost #love #light #beyou #hope #noregrets #motivation #youareunique #loveyou stories

salmakhatoon918 I can't hate....
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So many things are being hidden…

Before Peace.

She drives on dishevel road of thoughts, Bruised by the rugged emotions,

For hours she gets lost in the maze of overthinking, Raging war of tears on past, she finds nothing helping,

With each minute her soul is being tormented by the cruel reality, Haunted by the voices that blamed her even when others were faulty,

Under going through wrath of rejected feelings, She covers her hysterical face with artificial things,

And then just before minute, she wears her smile, Because he will be coming after travelling so many miles,

He, who finds his peace in her, Is no other but a ruin in itself.

When you see someone smiling just know they are still fighting some battle in them. Each person is a survivor all they have to learn is to live now. The one with big smile not always smiling from inside.

I love you. Thank you so much for your constant support. Thank you so much for reading. You are awsm. Keep on writing.

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