100 Parts.
100 Parts. cannibalism stories

salmakhatoon918 Before something there is nothing.
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Maybe more...

100 Parts.

I fear myself when I am with you, The aroma of your physique, influences my thoughts,

The light in your eyes beats my heart, I will definitely use them to decorate my house walls,

Blind in love they all were lost, Now their bones rest 6 feet under, all frost,

I want to make you dance on knife, And bleed till your body turns white,

To contain the pieces of your body I have jars, Oh baby! Let me cut you in 100 parts,

The taste of your bloody dew on my knife, And the rhythmic cuts I make, is majestic,

I wanna chain you, upside down, Oh baby! Please don’t frown,

People like me are alienated by society, Just like others, you were also pretty,

Let me rinse my face with your blood, It was going to be our date but,

We don’t love baby, we prey, In short, we love to play.

So, will you date me? hahhahhh you will of course, or I would just turn you into corpse hahhahh sorry for unintentional rhyme…. You guys are awesome, thank you so much for your encouragement and support I am getting to explore some hidden creep in me as advised by @poemsaboutme.

I am starting to flirt with my creep now hahh wait till I go on date with it hahahahaha (more creepy stuff will be on your way). I hope you guys are doing ok. Thank you so much for reading.

I know I have been inactive here but inshallah soon will read your all awsmm work. Keep on writing and shinning cause your light is needed. No one can replace you, you are original.

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