You deserve better.
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sakurautm 20 | I write to escape reality
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Sometimes we get caught up in old memories with people who we used to love. Sometimes we cry and want these people to come back to our lives and we'd do anything, but we have to remind ourselves that people come and people go. Don't dwell in the past and look forward to the future with new, amazing people. You deserve better than that. Don't forget that.

You deserve better.

Sometimes unexpectedly you start to remember a moment, a memory of your past where you used to be happy, incredibly and genuinely happy.

You remember how you laughed until your stomach hurt and tears were rolling down your cheeks that you tried to wipe away with the palm of your sweater; you remember the emotions you felt when you heard the great news you've been waiting for and wishing that this exact moment would last forever.

That that's the kind of feeling you want to feel for the rest of your life.

But then you open your eyes and think about your life today and reality hits you. These perfect moments are a part of your past you had with people you once loved, maybe still love today.

People who left your life a while ago for a stupid and unexplainable reason. You remember that they're no longer a part of your life anymore and its hard.

It's hard because you still see them everyday at school, passing past you in the hallways, standing at places you two used to hide at together during lunch breaks with other people now.

People who took the place in their life where you used to be, who easily replaced you and yet you still smile at them.

You smile at them because you still care about them even if they don't feel the same way about you anymore.

You smile at them, hoping that they're going to talk to you, ask you how your day was or just tell you that they've missed you.

You still hope that things are gonna go back to the way they were before you stopped talking to each other, before they decided that you weren't good enough anymore.

You hope that they changed their mind about you because they shaped your character in a postive way and helped you become the person you are today, because they've been with you through a lot, seen your best and seen your worst.

You feel sad just thinking about it because you know it's never going to be the same. They're not coming back and you know you've got to move on.

So... get up and tell yourself that it's going to be alright and that you have to let them go. Maybe one day you'll see them and meet each other again for the first time and maybe you won't.

Both options are totally fine. Just take a deep breath and open your eyes. Live your life and never hold on too tight to someone because it can break your heart forever.

Don't waste your time on people who don't care about you anymore. Find new people that inspire you and accept and love you for who you truly are.

Don't make yourself unhappy and don't pity yourself. You deserve better that that.

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